Kayaking lovers excursion – long distance
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Kayaking lovers excursion – long distance


This kayaking experience is for the all the adventure enthusiast, kayaking lovers, and thrill seekers. An energetic excursion suitable for the more experienced paddlers due to the long paddling distance. There will be three available routes with the total estimated distance of approximately 9-12km for the short, 14-16km for the medium or 24-26 km for the long distance. Depending however on the weather and the group capabilities this might varies. This excursion is only available in the morning, and it is a linear route.

We will meet in Lemesos where we will pick you up and drive together to the launch (start) site. From there we will provide you with the necessary information about the area and the equipment (kayak, paddle, PFD). After assigning the equipment, we will make a small introduction on self rescue techniques.

We will paddle together at a relaxed pace to discover a wild and hidden area. We will make one or two stops on hidden beach where we will have time to relax. We will also enjoy a morning coffee and a light snack before we start paddling.


from 110EUR per person


This excursion has a duration of 4-6 hours from start to finish. However there might be some delays on the ways so please allow for an extra hour. 


4/5 – You will need to be a more experience kayaker for this experience.


What’s included


Pick-up is provide and mandatory for this excursion, but only within Lemesos city-limits. If you are staying outside Lemesos you will need to arrange a transfer to Lemesos and we can pick you up from the bus station or other location.

Coffee and Snack

On our stop we love to have a coffee on the beach. Coffee will either be hot or cold depending on the weather. Coffee breaks are always more enjoyable with a snack. The usual snack is local fruits, depending on the season, and sometimes varies depending on the group. Vegan friendly so no one should worry about allergies or food restrictions.


Only Single Sit-on-top sea kayaks will be provided for this excursion, with associated equipment (low angle Paddle and PFD – life-jacket). Sit-on-tops offer superior stability and the easy of access in case we deiced to go swimming! We will also take photographs along the way and send a link on a later date to download them.


Where we’ll meet

After communication we will meet you in Lemesos city.

{ Pick-up is provided only from Lemesos city-limits }



only 5 seats will be available


Important Notes

(I) Light wind and waves are known in the area, and people with known sea sickness are Not advised to participate.

(II) Please note that this excursion is not performed where there are facilities like changing rooms and toilets, either at the beginning of the excursion or during the break. Facilities might be present at the area restaurants but are not public.

(III) This excursion is NOT offered to first timers or complete beginners as is has a higher level of difficulty.

(IV) Only Children older than the age of 16 are allowed in this excursion.

Other things to note:

This activity is offered as an experience. Participants should expect moderate to high work out but we also adjust to the group strength and stamina.

Any other questions? please see our faq page and if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Any other questions, please see our faq page and if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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