faq (frequently asked questions)

below some answers to our most frequently asked questions 
I am a beginner, can I join?

we are a beginner-oriented operator and many of our guests are first timers. The kayaks we use are very stable and we always start the experience with a small introduction on how to paddle and self rescued techniques. However, there are some excursions that are not available for beginners due to the increased difficulty of the area. Please make sure you read the excursion’s details to make sure before booking.

would I get wet during kayaking?

in a word, Yes.

where are we located?

we are all over the place! Please see the starting location of each excursion at the excursion’s details, as it varies according to the tour and the weather.

can I bring my own kayak or sup?

unfortunately we do not accept people with their own equipment in our tours. If you would like to participate in our events you have to make a booking and use our equipment.

what happens when there is bad weather?

we do our best to ensure the safety for all participants, therefore we rely on the weather forecast. If it is pouring rain, thundering, or too windy to kayak, we will contact you as soon as possible. In this unfortunate event you can either join an excursion on another day, or request a full refund.

can I show up on the day without booking?

we won’t have any extra equipment lying around if you decide to show up on the day without booking. All our tours require pre-booking and are prepaid.

when is your next event?

that’s an easy one. We go out in the water almost every day, but please have a look at our excursions calendar to find out more. If however you are looking to paddle in a day not shown, please contact us to inform you about availability.

what should I bring with me?

well, firstly a good mood and some of that adventure enthusiasm.
Other than that it would be useful to have the basis when you go to the beach, such as swimsuit, beach towel, hat, sunscreen, and water in a reusable bottle.

additionally, it is important to have a t-shirt with you (preferable of Lycra fabric) since we will all be wearing a life-jacket, but also wet shoes(or flip flops) as we will always come across some rocky terrain!

do we make any stops during the excursions?

in most of our excursions we make at least one beach break to give the participants some time to recover and relax. There are also some excursions that we stop several times in the kayak to rest, to admire the surroundings and to pose for the camera. Please before booking read the excursion’s description to see how many stops we have for the specific excursion.

can I bring my child?

well that’s a tricky one!
infant or child: below the age of 5, are not permitted in our tours for safety issues.

child: between the ages of 5-11 can sit in the middle seat in a double kayak, provided that two adults are participating of which one is a parent/ guardian. Unfortunately only one child can sit in the middle seat, therefore if you are a family with two or more children, please contact us to see how we can accommodate you. Please also note that not all tours are suitable for children and prior contact is required.

teenagers: of age 12 to 17 can occupy one seat and should be accompanied by one adult/ parent/ guardian.

can I bring my dogo?

Yes, we love dogs!  On a tandem (double) kayak, the dog will sit in between the two participants (both participants must be in same booking) . On a single seater kayak, a small sized dog will sit in front of the paddler. Please make sure however that you contact us and let us know.

We also recommend you should supply a float vest for your doggy (we don’t provide any). Please note that by brining your dog you are taking responsibility for the dog’s behaviour. Only dogs that are well socialized with humans as well as other dogs are allowed. 

Please also note that dogs will typically be wary of the kayak – until they get used to it. We recommend you come 15 minutes early so you allow the dog to familiarize with the kayak and hop on the kayak while on the beach.

Dogs ride for free!

I have known issues with sea-sickness, can I participate?

participants with know issues with sea sickness are not advised to participate. Although in most cases during the morning tour the sea is very calm, some people cannot handle it.

have more questions?

please don’t hesitate to contact us.